Thoeny PTS - Private Tax Services,

Tax Specialists for Switzerland and International


Thoeny Private Tax Services offer confidential, personalised and expert advice on all tax-related matters for individuals as well as companies and organisations that operate in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

  • Are you looking for personalised and specialist tax advice, whether for a straightforward annual tax return, or specific information and advice on complex tax requirements?
  • Do you need the services of someone who has many years experience in both Swiss/Liechtenstein and international tax law?
  • Are you looking to improve your knowledge about tax affairs, or looking for a specialist co-ordination point for Swiss and international tax matters?
  • Are you non-resident owner of a Swiss or Liechtenstein holiday property?
  • Perhaps you live abroad, an require a tax representative or contact address in Switzerland?



Whatever you tax needs - Welcome to Thoeny PTS